No matter how much you love your canine friend, it’s hard to deny that dogs can have stinky breath. Even if you have some kind of superdog that isn’t afflicted with odorous exhalation, that doesn’t change the fact that they still don’t brush their teeth, and that doesn’t bode well for their dental health.

Humans go through leaps and bounds to keep their teeth healthy and clean. And while dogs consume a negligible amount of sugar and other tooth-destroying foods (compared to humans), their teeth won’t last forever. When they start to go bad, it can put your poor pup through a whole lot of pain.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent this! Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your dog’s mouth healthy at home.

Limit Table Scraps

Have you ever wondered why most animals can go their entire lives without needing dental care, while humans’ teeth are falling apart by age 30? Well, as it turns out, our teeth would probably be fine too if we were on an all-natural diet. But we eat a whole lot of things that don’t play well with our teeth. Sugar is the biggest offender, but most processed or artificed foods will have some kind of negative impact on dental health.

So, you should avoid feeding your dog human food! A lot of food we eat just isn’t good for your dog — both in terms of dental and physical health. There’s a reason why dog food exists; it’s best to keep them on it.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

This is one of the most important things you can do for your dog’s dental health. We don’t have to explain why brushing teeth is good for them — we’re sure you’ve learned enough about that in school in terms of human dental health, and the principles are the same.
There are a few things to remember about doggy dental brushing — it’s best to start early, and to make sure they’re familiar with you handling their mouth. It’s also good to catch them in a tired mood because an energetic dog could fight back and make things much more difficult. And finally, make sure you’re using brushes and toothpaste designed for dogs! Human toothpaste can be toxic, and dogs aren’t trained in the art of spitting it out.

Use Dental Treats

Did you know that there is an entire category of treats designed to improve your dog’s dental health? Indeed, getting special treats that are designed for teeth health is a good way to passively improve your dog’s dental situation. In general, these seem to be tasty for most canines, so it’s a good way to keep your dog happy, reward them for good behavior, and keep them healthy at the same time.

Take Them In for a Vet Checkup

And, finally, it’s important to mention that professional veterinarians can always have a measurable impact on the health of your dog’s teeth and mouth. While constant checkups aren’t necessary for maintaining healthy teeth, an occasional visit can prevent future problems and provide solutions to existing ones.

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