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Wellness Plans for Canines

Enroll your canine in a comprehensive preventive healthcare program with our Pet Wellness Plans for dogs. Your dog's plan includes everything your pup needs to keep that tail wagging.

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Wellness Plan

Only$3600Per Month

Save over $200

Medium Dogs, Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital

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Services at our hospital

*excludes boarding

Cost Comparison

Canine Wellness Plan

0-132 lbs as an adult

Services With Plan

Wellness Exam*
*excludes walk-in & emergency exams

Annual Core Vaccination
Fecal Exam - Intestinal Parasite Screenings
Annual Heartworm & Tick Disease Testing
Additional Exam*
*excludes walk-in & emergency exams
12 Month Supply of Flea & Tick Prevention
12 Free Baths
*$300 value
Total $432.00
*See details below

Additional Savings For Plan Members

When you enroll your pet in a Wellness Plan at Rancho Cucamonga you will receive great savings on a range of products and services.

Your pet's plan provides you with:

10% OFF all services (excluding boarding)
15% OFF dental services and your pet's spay or neuter procedure
15% OFF bloodwork panels regularly priced over $100
50% OFF additional exams (excluding walk-ins and emergency visits)

Wellness Plan FAQs

New Patients Welcome

Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Rancho Cucamonga companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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