Cats are one of the most popular and beloved pets in the world — and for good reason! They’re fluffy, funny, snuggly, unique little creatures! But, as any cat owner knows, there are times when they can be a little frustrating. They play games, they jump at you out of nowhere, and maybe the most annoying (and costly) traits that they can have is an affinity for scratching. Cats love to scratch. It’s a way that they mark their territory and is, of course, used for defensive reasons. It’s natural for a cat to scratch, so a bit of scratching is to be expected, but when your furniture, carpet, clothes, etc. are in tatters, something needs to be done. If your cat is doing this, we would like to help. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a few ways that you can prevent excessive scratching! If you’d like more information or would like to book an appointment, contact our animal hospital in Rancho Cucamonga today!

Cover Their Favorite Scratching Spots

Although they can be incredibly spontaneous at times, cats are a creature of habit. When they find a spot that they like to scratch, you can rest assured that they’ll be back. One thing that our feline friends are not a fan of are sticky surfaces. They hate the feeling! So if your cat has a favorite scratching spot or two, simply put some double-sided tape on that area. Don’t worry, you don’t have to keep it there permanently. After a few times of getting their paws stuck to the tape, they will avoid scratching in that area.

Nail Trimming

It is not good to declaw your cat. It is painful to them, and it puts them in danger if they should ever have to defend themselves. However, you can trim your cat’s nails! This will help reduce the level of damage done inside your house. If you don’t feel comfortable trimming their nails on your own, no worries! Just bring them in and one of our veterinarians will get it done!

Cat Post

Maybe the easiest and most effective techniques to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture and other valuables is to provide them with something that is okay to scratch! A cat post is definitely a must if your cat is a scratcher. They are very affordable, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and best of all provide your kitty with an acceptable place to put their claws to use. Plus, it will make them happy!

There are also a variety of herbal sprays that you can find that prevents scratching. If you would like any further advice about stopping your cat from scratching everything or would like to book an appointment for our veterinary services, go ahead and contact Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga today! Our entire staff is devoted to each and every beloved pet that we see and treat them all as if they were one of their own.