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Best Dog House for Cold Weather

Best Dog House for Cold Weather

If you have a dog that loves to spend time outdoors, no matter the weather, you will also want to be sure that they have a warm place to relax when it's cold out. Here, our Rancho Cucamonga vets talk about what to look for when choosing the best dog house for cold weather. 

How to Choose the Best Dog House For Cold Weather

During the warmer months, a normal kennel will be more than enough to keep your pup comfortable, but what about once the snow comes? During the colder months, rain and snow along with wind can make the environment very uncomfortable, If the dog house doesn't provide adequate protection, that discomfort can continue even once your dog is curled up inside. Here our team at Rancho Regional Veterinary Hospital shares a few things to consider if you want to keep your dog warm and dry while they spend time outdoors in the colder months:

The Size of the Dog House

Smaller dogs tend to have short fur and less body mass which can lead to them getting colder faster than large dogs with more fur would. Depending on the breed, larger dogs may not have heavy coats, either and owners should keep this in mind. A fur-lined coat or warm blanket could make the difference.

The size of the dog house can also make a difference. You want it to be big enough for your pup but now so big that it loses heat retention.

The general rule is that a dog house should typically be at least 25 percent longer and wider than the dog. Do they have enough space to easily turn around?

How is the Dog House Constructed

You will want to provide your dog with a thick-walled, insulated dog house to ensure that they stay nice and warm no matter how chilly it is outside. The floor should also be insulated to protect against cold temperatures beyond the walls, and bedding should promote the retention of heat.

You should build it off the ground, on a platform of some type, and out of moisture-resistant materials.

Maintainance on the Dog House

How durable is the house? Just like your own house, you may need to take a look at it on a regular basis to ensure moisture hasn’t gotten to any areas it shouldn’t, and that it is in good repair on both the outside and inside.

Materials Used to Make the Dog House

Look for thick walls constructed from high-quality flooring and materials that are designed to keep the cold out - and your pup warm inside. Like any other product, some are better designed, with higher quality materials than others to offer more protection against the harshest winter conditions. You may also want to provide a heating pad for maximum comfort.

It Should Have a Door That Closes

The best dog houses have doors that shelter your dog from any drafts of cold air that will enter. Whether you make a thick curtain or flap, or the door is included with the house, make sure it will protect your dog against the coldest winds, otherwise, he will be vulnerable to the cold air entering his abode.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Wondering how much time your dog can safely spend outside in the winter, or need specific advice? Our Rancho Cucamonga vets have experience with a number of dog breeds. Contact us today.

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